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				K750 PARTNER CONCRETE SAW The Husqvarna K 750 belongs to the new generation of power cutters, developed from the ground up, inside and out. Our unique engine technology, XTorq, brings you a highly powerful 5 hp engine with low emissions and good fuel economy. It Is simply a cleaner, more efficient engine. The K 750 is also equipped with a large, effective muffler and a vibration dampening system that makes the machine extra quiet and easy to use. As usual, all technical solutions are implemented with a clear focus on what is best for the user. And to ensure efficient cutting, without compromise.



				TEREX PB16 CONCRETE BUGGY * Simultaneous dump and hydrostatic drive capability allows for feathering of load in forward and reverse. * Operators platform and control system allows for comfortable and convenient operation of the unit. * Two models, 16 ft3 (453 L) and 21 ft3 (595 L) capacities. * Power supplied through heavy-duty hydraulic pump and two high efficiency drive motors. * Excellent traction and control with heavy-duty welded chassis. * Simple, clean control panel. * Industrys largest and highest efficiency wheel motors allow higher speeds and more reliable braking. * Foot operated dump lever allows operator to keep both hands on steering handle at all times. * Foot actuated operating and parking brake.

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				BARTELL 36 INCH TROWEL MACHINE 4 Blades, 36 Inch path, 5.5Hp B436 Includes 1 set of finish blades . Standard Features * Precision engineered, heavy-duty gearboxes have up to two year warranty. * Spider plate assembly is precision machined for total balance compensation and exacting tolerances. * Sturdy, easy-to-clean chromed guard rings. * Study, chromed steel handle provides greater leverage and ease of control. * Close proximity of all three basic operating controls provides the utmost in operating safety and convenience. * Wide variety of finish, combination clip-on float blades or float pans.

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				BARTELL 46 INCH TROWEL MACHINE 4 Blades, 36 Inch path, 5.5Hp B436 Includes 1 set of finish blades . Standard Features * Precision engineered, heavy-duty gearboxes have up to two year warranty. * Spider plate assembly is precision machined for total balance compensation and exacting tolerances. * Sturdy, easy-to-clean chromed guard rings. * Study, chromed steel handle provides greater leverage and ease of control. * Close proximity of all three basic operating controls provides the utmost in operating safety and convenience. * Wide variety of finish, combination clip-on float blades or float pans.

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				CROWN 6SR MORTAR MIXER Lifetime Warranty All Crown mixers feature a lifetime warranty on the drum bearing and seals. Its many features include, Rubber Torsion Suspension, High Strength Frame,Self Latching Drum, Swing away hood and High Speed Roller Bearings

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				CROWN CONCRETE MIXER New Dumping Mechanism Crowns mixers come standard with a multi positioned drum lock for easy cleaning, flexibility and greater capacity. Its many features include High Strength Frame, Laser Cut Mixing Blades, Longer Life Drum, Swing away hood, Cast Iron Durability, High Speed Roller Bearings, and Rubber Torsion Suspension.

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				CROWN SCREED MACHINE Crown Construction Equipment presents The Screed King, a faster way to screed concrete. The Screed King is easy to use and saves time and manpower while at the same time, providing a high quality product. Our unique power bar and power transfer system produces a high frequency vibration that eliminates the honeycomb effect and speeds finishing time. Screed King allows one person to do the work of two in less time as compared to traditional 2x4 screeding. For some concrete professionals, Screed King has paid for itself in the first few pours.

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				OZTEC CONCRETE VIBRATOR Oztec Industries designs and manufactures quality and innovative vibrating equipment that meets the needs of the concrete construction industry. Oztec Electric motors are manufactured to exacting specifications to withstand the rough day to day abuses associated with construction sites. Oztec Vibrator Heads produce the highest amplitude and centrifugal force, generating the largest radius of influence of any heads available. Oztec Flexible Shaft inner cores are made from extra high carbon steel wires with casings made from tough abrasion resistant neoprene rubber, reinforced with multiple layers of high tensile wire braiding with a hardened flat steel liner.



				EDCO DS 18 WALK BEHIND CONCRETE SAW # Gasoline 13 hp, Honda motor. # Electric 5 hp, 230V, 1 Phase or 5 hp, 230/460V, 3 Phase motor option. # Heavy Duty Anti Vibration engine mount # Screw boot belt tensioner prevents frame damage # 18 INCH blade capacity, Down cut blade rotation # Optional water tank assembly kit available # Heavy duty frame and undercarriage are 7 gauge steel to eliminate frame vibration and bending # Easy switch guide bar with lifting line # Screw boot belt tensioner prevents frame damage # High quality molded rubber wheels # Solid steel lifting handles # Wide T handles with rubber grips # Large screw type depth control # Heavy duty lifting bail # 7 gauge steel blade guard with welded protective segment flap # Turn To Lock throttle cable



				BRUTE BOSCH ELECTRIC JACKHAMMER If you are looking to bust up asphalt or concrete, this Bosch Electric Jackhammer will get the job done. It runs off 110 and weighs about 75lbs.



				SULLAIR PNEUMATIC JACKHAMMER Applied simplicity. We have eliminated most high-wear parts in our breakers. Fewer parts mean less wear, less maintenance, and less downtime. Elimination of side rods, nuts and springs make them sleeker and more comfortable to operate. We have also simplified and standardized our air tools to make parts interchangeable between our various models.

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				SULLAIR 185 AIR COMPRESSOR * Compact/Lightweight Design * Rotary Screw Compressor * Claim Shell Canopy * Independent Rubber Torsion Suspension * Wheel Bearing Grease Fittings * Curbside Instrument Panel * SSAM-Shutdown System and Annunciation Module * Rocker Type Start Switch * Idle Warm-up Switch * Glow Plug Starting Aid * Galvanneal Sheet Metal * Composite Material End Caps * Durable Powder Coat Finished * Fuel/Water Separator * Rear Bumper * Recessed Tail Lights * AWF Compressor Fuid * Pneumatic Inlet Valve * 0 to 100% Capacity Control * Adjustable Height Hitch * Heated Controls * Color-Coded Control Lines * Discharge Air Check Valve



				STONE WOLFPAC 4000 ASPHALT ROLLER The WolfPac 4000 Roller is a versatile full 40 inch wide with center point articulation and external twin-cam eccentrics big enough to double as a static roller including base, binder, and finish coats.

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				CONCRETE BULL FLOATS Wagman T-Slot tools have an extremely versatile center rib that allows for various brakets, handles, accessories, and adjustments on the tool. The Revolutionary design in heat-treated alloy prevents warping, and there are no tapped holes to become stripped from over tightening.


Trime LED EL1250 Light Tower

				Trime LED EL1250 Light Tower The EL1250 LED Light Tower has 4 high efficiency LED heads equaling 1250 watts which are adjustable and tilt able by hand. hydraulic winch, deep sea controller with 8 event/7 day digital timer, telescopic vertical galvanized mast with 26 feet maximum height and compact size allowing 16-18 units per truckload. This unit has a Kubota engine and holds 46 gallons, weighs around 1865.



				DIAMOND CORE DRILL A diamond core drill might be the best device for draining a bank vault—second only to, say, a credit default swap. The 16-pound Eibenstock—the lightest machine in its class—can bore up to 50 holes through 18 inches of steel-reinforced concrete with one swappable ablative diamond bit. (The long metal cylinder below is the 3-inch-diameter model.) Who would need such a thing? Contractors setting anchors for heavy equipment and renovators cutting cable conduits through rock-solid walls. To start poking holes, simply adjust the guide bar to the proper depth and hook up the irrigation system, which squirts water through the center of the bit and sucks up the slurry. You get faster perforations and almost no trace.



				FLOOR MOUNTED CORE DRILL The Floor Mounted Core Drill carries the diamond bits. This drill has 4 anchor bolts that you can ancor into your wall or floor for drilling. This drill will take up to a 12 inch. Diamond Bit.



				DIAMOND DRILL BITS (FOR CORE DRILLS) We offer a variety of different size Diamond Core Drill Bits. These bits make drilling a whole lot easier and faster.



				DIAMOND BLADES We offer a full line of Diamond Blades for Concrete, Asphalt, Metal, or Demolition. If you are Looking for a fast easier way to get the job done, try one of our Diamond Blades



				TILE SAW The YTM1015 is a new tile saw designed and build for professionals and contractors. An adjustable cutting head with water cooled bearings allows convenient plunge cutting of thicker materials. Shown with optional stand. Standard Features: 1-1/2 horsepower 115V/60Hz Baldor electric motor with overload protection 7-10inch blade capacity Stainless steel water pan - removable Water cooled and rip guide Hinged blade guard with blade brushed Adjustable cutting head 20inch rip cut and 14inch diagonal cut water pump Weight 111 lbs. uncrated



				EDCO CONCRETE SURFACE GRINDER •Production grinding and floor cleaning on large or small surface areas such as airports, warehouses, parking decks, manufacturing plants, malls and sports arenas •Light grinding or cleaning of concrete surfaces •Leveling uneven joints •Removing mastics, thin-set, high spots, epoxies and urethanes •Lightly texturing slippery concrete surfaces

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				BOMAG VIBRATORY PLATE COMPACTORS Four models ranging in size from 14 to 19 inches wide and operating weights from 117 to 300 lbs.

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				BOMAG VIBRATORY JUMPING JACK COMPACTORS The light line features hand-held vibratory tampers, single direction and reversible plate compactors, single and double drum walk-behind rollers, trench compactors and single and tandem ride-on rollers.

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Husqvarna K760 Concrete Saw

				Husqvarna K760 Concrete Saw The Husqvarna K 760 is a powerful all-round power cutter with features that make it one of the best power cutters on the market. Equipped with the new generation Active Air Filtration; one of the markets most efficient centrifugal air cleaning systems and SmartCarb; a built-in automatic filter compensation and a highly efficient vibration dampening system. The K 760 is outfitted with an X-Torq® engine that reduces emissions up to 75% and lowers fuel consumption by 20%. Other important features include DuraStarter, a dust-sealed starter that boosts reliability and product life. The K 760 is ideal for cutting concrete and stone in alterations, renovations and new construction. It is also perfect for cutting smaller holes and adjusting window and door openings, as well as some pipe, asphalt and metal cutting. It is also ideal for cutting of curbstones, pavers and asphalt in landscaping and roadwork.



				MAKITA ROTARY HAMMER DRILL Powerful 12.0 AMP Motor; 230-460 RPM Powerful 12.0 AMP Motor delivers 230-460 RPM and 1,300-2,600 BPM for the most demanding applications Constant speed control automatically applies additional power to the motor to maintain speed under load to complete the most challenging jobs Soft start suppresses start-up reaction for more control and better accuracy Variable speed control dial enables user to match the speed to the application for greater versatility Torque limiting clutch engineered to prevent gear damage by automatically disengaging gears if the bit binds Sequential impact timing delivers timed hammering during rotation to minimize overlapping bit impacts resulting in up to 50% faster drilling Makita Motor Advantage engineered with field core interlocking steel laminations, dual ball bearing armature and more copper commutator bars, increasing energy transfer efficiency for more power and longer tool life Automatic brush cut-off protects commutator from damage for longer tool life 2-mode operation for "Hammering Only" or "Hammering with Rotation" for multiple applications "No hammering when idling" function helps increase tool life High quality aluminum housing allows for greater durability and longer tool life Accepts Spline bits

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SC75 Rubber Track Concrete Buggy

				SC75 Rubber Track Concrete Buggy Canycom’s highly popular SC75 Concrete Buggy with a rubber track undercarriage transports concrete with ease over rough terrain causing minimal impact to the ground surface. Heavy duty rubber tracks offer balanced weight distribution to travel with ease over wet, muddy ground, rough, uneven terrain and loose sand and gravel. Our SC75 concrete buggy outshines in efficiency and maneuverability compared to wheeled buggies, and has time after time proved to save the user costs in time, money, and energy.


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